Mixed feelings

I love October with a passion and an ache. Every time I gasp in glee at a tree's audacious over-the-topness it is accompanied by a melancholy that remembers the longlong stark New England winter ahead. Sigh.

Here's a little something for wallowing in the melancholy side of fall. I first discovered Eva Cassidy about 11 years ago when we lived in DC (she had recently passed away, sadly). She still gets to me, every time.

And here's something to appreciate the cozy, happy side of fall. Just what I needed to read yesterday during a rainy gray fall day. I love autumn, love the seasons, love the chance to change what we wear and do and think about. And we do earn this glorious colorful span of time with our trudge through the quieter winter season. Right?

Speaking of mixed feelings, today is my last day as a thirtysomething. It's been a fantastic decade and I feel very lucky to be learning the things I'm learning with the people I love. But it's melancholy, too, you know?