I'm forty.
Just like Sesame Street
and (I learned today) Monty Python
and Brady Bunch
and people landing on the moon
and Woodstock

So far so good!
Yesterday (and a little bit this morning, to be honest)
was about the melancholy end of 30s.
Today is about the beginning of my 40s.
I have heard that it is a fabulous time and
I am going to embrace it with enthusiasm.

Do I feel a fun midlife crisis coming on? Maybe. What if I...
Cut my hair (or different color)
Train for a marathon (and, okay, run it)
Take up painting
Write a novel
Walk or bike across England
Stop blogging (I know. But maybe.)
Get a mammogram (Monday. Short range is good, too.)
Take my kids out of school and book a trip around the world with them (I wish.)
Buy some art.
Finish my PhD.
Don't finish my PhD.
Care less about what others think.
Laugh loudly.
Prune the unnecessary stress from my life.
Wander more, wonder more.

* * *

Happy birthday to me #1:
Swell Season (the duo from the movie Once) are coming out with a new album next week and, to celebrate, NPR is streaming the entire album. Hooray!
Here's to finding more good music in the next decade!

Happy Birthday to me, #2
(saw this on marathonbird's twitter this morning)

I'm going to give myself more silliness in my life.

Happy Birthday to me, #3

Remember the viral video of the dancing/singing DoReMi in the train station?
I just found out that friend is creating a similar public art event in a town square in Guatemala next month.
So cool.
That just makes me happy.

Happy Birthday to me, #4
I'm loving all of the happy birthday wishes via email and facebook!
So lovely to connect with friends.

Happy Birthday to me #5
I have to go to class tonight
but tomorrow G is taking off work
and we're celebrating then with

Life is good.

* * *

painting Alma y Corazon by Cassandra Barney via