Fighting crime, one bite at a time

In our town's police log this week (an entertaining weekly must-read):
6:50 p.m. A Lindsay Pond Road resident reported a suspicious man near her home, wearing a sweatshirt and baseball cap and carrying a beer bottle. The responding officers identified the man as a teacher at middle school, who was out for a walk and carrying a water bottle.
I wonder who was more embarrassed: the caller or the teacher?
I love our town and its hyper McGruff ways. You've gotta love the suburbs
(My all time favorite police log entry was: employee of local hospital phoned police to report that co-workers were talking about her behind her back. Dispatcher advised caller that this is not a police matter.)
. . .
Meanwhile, we are prepping for Halloween festivities around here. All three kids have parties/dances tonight. We have a good ballerina (her friend will be an evil ballerina), Pop (going with friends Snap and Crackle) and a secret agent/spy attending his first 6th grade dance. G and I are posing as taxi drivers for the evening--oh for a bulletproof barrier behind the front seat (and a running meter + tips)! Maybe tomorrow I'll go as a shady middle school teacher.
Have a happy Halloween! Obligatory costume photos to follow (eventually).