Stood up

Can someone please make me feel better about the fact that I hosted book group at my house last night and NO ONE SHOWED UP.  Picture it if you will: me on the sofa, thumbing though the book, candles lit, house clean, Sam telling me every few minutes "Um, it's ___ minutes past time.  I don't think anyone's going to come." I'm feeling loserly and lonely.  Tell me something happy. Or tell me you've been stood up, too.  Or tell me about your insights into the book Three Cups of Tea.

Okay, thanks.

In the meantime, we have a clean house and really good cookies on hand.  Silver linings can be fattening, though.

. . .

Grateful for: Paula Deen's triple chocolate chip cookie recipe, the elliptical machine at the gym, tealight candles that make any room into a magical, cozy place