Music to my ears

Best album .09 |   Little Joy   |  Swell Season |  Adele

It's funny, I don't really have whole albums very often anymore.  Like most of the world, I mostly pick and choose individual songs from iTunes and skip the package deal.  It certainly is more efficient and cheap(usually) and it lets me explore a lot of different music but I do miss discovering a lesser known song (ah, the demise of the B sides...) from the days of buying a whole artists' album.

I did opt for the album a few times, though:

Little Joy was a new find this year and I loved listening to it, especially this summer.

I loved Swell Season's Strict Joy (and NPR picked it as one of the top albums this year)

But if I had to choose an album of the year, one that when I hear it in the future it will zip me right back to 2009, it would have to be Adele.  Soulful, playful, gorgeous, and heartfelt.  I caught her concert at the Orpheum earlier this year and it only increased my faithfulness to this album.  So there you go, album of the year 09.

Plus, Pandora is my best friend. (Do you pandora? What's your favorite station?)


Little Joy's Brand New Start

Swell Season's Feeling the Pull

Adele's Feel My Love

Adele's Crazy for You

. . .

Best of .09: Best album. What's rocking your world?