Snippets + verbs

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Shivered.  It's cold 'round here.

Read.  I loved this essay by Mental Tesserae.  And this passage from One Magpie.  Kindred thoughts in both of these.

Wrote.  Posted on Segullah this week, a (religious) piece about Mary and her "how shall this be?" response. (If you've read this blog for more than two years, you might recognize the first paragraph or so...) Also, I've played around with the formatting for this blog. I've been having so much moving the furniture around without all that effort and floor scraping.

Watched.  Had a long-awaited movie date with G this afternoon. It's been ages since we were able to get out just the two of us...ever since our girls acquired social lives and obligations. (Although last night we did go out to dinner. Sam came with us and was a wonderful dinner companion.  Still. Not really a date.)   We stopped off at the Danish Pastry House on the way home to prepare for St. Lucia Day tomorrow--hooray! Now I'm catching up on emails and watching It's a Wonderful Life.  "George Bailey, I'll love you 'til the day I die." (Someday I hope my kids understand how George Bailey-like their dad is, in all the right ways.  Because he is, lucky us.)

Delayed. I have a take-home final due next week.  No headway there. Also, we haven't yet taken our Christmas card photo. Ditto no Christmas tree...hopefully Monday's the day for that.

Savored + celebrated.  Feeling really content to take my time with the holidays this year.  Each day I'm doing a little bit and shunning any guilt or agendas (trying to, anyway). So far: books, candles, garlands.  Next up: tree, nativities, presents.  Bit by bit, especially until finals are over.

. . .

Best of .09: Food.  Hmm. I think I'll dub this the year of Really Good Chocolate. Truffles from Burdick's. And Nancy sent me some decadent chocolate from a chocolatier in her Brooklyn neighborhood: the really good stuff, with interesting flavors like pepper and salt and chiles.  It's not new to me but I upped it a notch.  How 'bout you? Best new food of 09?