Best of .09 ~ Restaurant moment

September 6.  Brooklyn, NY.  Moto Restaurant. w| my mom, sister, and her friends:

My mom and I met in NYC for Labor Day weekend to visit my sister, see several shows, and eat our way through Manhattan.  Nancy and Dave made reservations one night for a restaurant near their apartments, in Brooklyn on the edge of Williamsburg.  It was a stand-alone little place that looked from the outside like it could have been a speakeasy at one point. Or an autobody shop.

It had a cozy vintage feel. After we sat down, the band came in to set up.  Right next to me. Now and then I chatted with the band between their sets.  The food was amazing.  I was with my mom and sister for the first time in a loooong time.  

restaurant |  Moto  in Brooklyn

food | artichoke with saffron mayo + side of mashed potatoes +heavenly date cake (best dessert of 09)

music | Mad Jazz Hatters , a blend of early jazz + klezmer + jugband

vibe | happy, content, whimsical, comfortable, cool + cozy

. . .

Day two of Gwen Bell's Best of 09 challenge