Wishing you joy

(Drumroll, please)

Ta da!

This year's card was super easy.

And late.

A week ago we were snowed in + church was canceled so we were (finally) in one place with natural light and could do our DIY (camera with a timer on a stool...you can see it in the mirror), silly photo shoot.  Then we kicked into turbo card making mode and sent them out a couple of days before Christmas.  

Note to self for next year:  Do the photo earlier, buy the supplies in November (which I did this year; a nice balance to my procrastination), order/make more since we ran out, use a better photo processing place.*

Anyway, card supplies were all from Paper Source here and here and here.

Mustaches from here. (Remember how I was inspired to do a fun, silly card? We had a blast, although some of us are definitely not cut out for facial hair. Thank goodness.)

Song: Pictures of You  | The Cure

*this year's photo processing/printing came back dark and oddly blue tinted. I got so sick of them that halfway through I ended up printing photos on regular paper on our inkjet printer and used those.  So half of our list got the ugly tinted ones, half got a flimsy photo on copy paper.  It was a marvelous lose/lose tradeoff.  And--if you'll allow me one more complaint--ugh, I was having a bad hair day.  I think it might be time to say goodbye to the long hair.