Oh, I love this week between Christmas and New Year's, don't you? We are doing our best to cram our winter hibernation into this span of days: sleeping in, staying in pajamas until late in the morning, reading, movies & games. No routine, no lessons, no school, no homework.

Well, almost no homework.

Sam has a science class stargazing assignment: observe the night sky 20 times in the next month and identify + draw the constellations you see.  Most of these clear, cold nights you can find him in the front yard or back yard or down the block in the field, craning his neck, face uplifted. Then he hovers over a paper with a flashlight in hand, clouds of steam puffing from his mouth.  Up to the heavens, down to his paper, over and over again, recreating the heavens in his own way. 

(Watching him, I think to myself, I could do worse than follow his example.)

When he's done, we come into the lighted house, red-cheeked and starry eyed, satisfied that the jolly chaos of stars have been organized once more into a catalog of creatures and figures.  

Song: Holst   |  The Planets   |  Jupiter

. . .

Sam and G are heading out on a chilly campout tonight (where there will be much stargazing, I'm sure). I'm over at Segullah today, talking about spiritual epiphanies and the invitation of the new year.  Come on over, if you'd like.  More Best of .09 thoughts coming soon...