Winter light

After school today, the kids were watching t.v.
(their Friday afternoon tradition)
& going through their valentines
(read: eating their candy).
Flopping and fighting.
Pretty blah.

Then the afternoon sun
started glowing in our backyard, 
the ground newly exposed from the melting snow.
My heart did flipflops
and I grabbed the camera and dragged them outside. 
This boy always needs a haircut.
It grows over night.
When he saw this picture, 
even he admitted it's time to visit the barber again.
{And look! My brown-eyed genes showed up here!}

Ah, that winter light. 

It does my heart good.

So do these faces.

It feels like the scene at the end of the Selfish Giant
when winter blankets the earth
but there's a burst of hope in the corner of the garden.

Things are looking up in winter land.