Happy happy joy joy

at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Happy that G is arriving back home today, just in time to help Sam participate in his last ever Pinewood derby.  {He's been in Arizona this week at Thunderbird, learning all about being an international man of mystery + about doing business in Saudi Arabia.}

Happy that it's Friday, that I am halfway through the semester and the class sessions just keep getting better (with a few learning-curve moments thrown in there).  It's lovely to get a good measure of energy and feedback from the students every week. I'm learning a lot.

Joy in the contradiction of eating sourpatch kids and drinking diet Coke. (I know, neither the pinnacle of health.  I promise I ate beets and broccoli for dinner.)  In the fabulous sunrise yesterday as I drove Lauren to seminary.  In polished toenails and taking my girls for their first-ever pedicures.

Joy in finding out that Louie and the dog next door have been passing their toys to each other under the fence (how fabulous is that?!).  In wearing my red shoes on a gray day.  In realizing (yet again) that I really am in charge of my own life, my own happiness.

(l to r) Maddy, me, Lauren.  They got their long toes and limbs from their father.  While I have sausage toes. And limbs.