Smallish pleasures

~ pictures of children throughout the decades ^, via Life Magazine's photo library, and wondering where they and their progeny are now

~ attending the 5th grade choral concert, where eager high-pitched voices coming from animated and excited faces blended with reluctant mumbly, too-cool-for-this ones. What a study in the different rates of child development!

~ sunshine on the new glitter-snow, making everything look fresh again

~ a perfect avocado--not too mushy, not too underripe-- on my melted cheese tortilla today

~ going out with G last night (on a Tuesday!) to meet our friend Sugata, who was here for business. Relatedly, being reminded how sweet it is to know someone for so long (for over 24 years!) and feel really known. What a good heart he has.

~ having everything go wrong technologically with my class on Monday (Murphy and his law came and camped out: my computer wouldn't work with the projector, so no powerpoint and the internet wasn't working either so we couldn't listen to the clips I had prepared) BUT making it through anyway. Now I know the answer to the "what if" fears. I still survived.

~ receiving kind emails from my students

~ planning a get-away trip with G {any great suggestions for a destination?}

~ holding nummy babies

~ the sight of two of my kids wearing headgear every evening (I keep thinking of you, Andrea). I find it endearing.

~ my 89-year-old grandparents on Facebook

~ receiving a Valentines package today from those same grandparents

~ junky Superbowl food and funny commercials

~ Friday Night Lights (I still love that show.)

~ replenishing the toilet paper supply in every bathroom (no one else seems to notice when we're out!)

~ my newish black fitted motorcycle-style jacket

~ breaking icicles off of the roofline of our house (satisfying!)

And you? What are your small pleasures these days?