Vday is coming! Vday is coming!

...as Paul Revere would say, urgently.
I love Valentine's Day.  Growing up, my mom would find ways to secretly put things on our front porch (when she "went to take the garbage out" maybe?) and then ring the doorbell and run.  We would open the door to an assembly of fun little gifties (a heart-shaped pin, a little pencil with a heart eraser, some candy).  Lovely.

Then I grew up a little more and Valentine's Day was all about reading between the lines of the class valentines.  Sure, everyone gave one to everyone but was there an underlying reason that Eddie gave me one with "doggone it, you're wonderful, valentine" on it? (Answer:no.)  Or why someone signed their name love, Mark??  (Again: no.)  Oh, the code breaking (and the heartbreak)!

I still love Valentine's Day. But sometimes it kind of sneaks up on me and I run out to CVS on 2/14 for some quick Valentines treats.  If you're in that boat, too, here are couple of easy + fun ideas I've spotted.

First, if you have kids who need to take a little Valentines card or goodie to school, consider our favorites: Valentine airplanes.

 I posted here (and the year before that but who's counting?) about how to make them.  Basically smarties + a piece of gum + two lifesavers + a cute tag = low fuss Valentines sweetness.  We have made them for--oh--7 years now and they really are a hit.

I've been trying to think what to make/give G for Valentines.  Then I saw this today and decided it could be the perfect thing.  We used to be faithful letter writers--we dated long distance for quite a while, after all--and it's something I'd like to revive.  An envelope book with lots of places to tuck notes and letters, past and present seems like just the thing. Love this!  I think kids would love one as well, a Jolly Postman-type book filled with letters just for them.

Just wondering: What was your best Valentine's Day ever?