Hope ahead

A few things are turning my daily trudge through life into something more like a skip as I look forward to some lights at the end of the tunnel. 

(I love looking forward to things almost as much as doing them.)
  • my friend Jen got us tickets to the U2 concert in September.  I've been a huge fan of U2 for ages but never been to a concert (unless seeing Rattle and Hum the movie counts). Can't wait to see them in person.  Plus the added benefit of a visit from friends. Thanks Jen--I couldn't be more thrilled!  
  • we reserved a farmhouse on the Maine coast for a week in August.  We're not going west this summer but wanted to do something as a family to mark the summer holiday.  Greg and Sam loved their time in Acadia a couple of years ago so we're heading back there this summer.  Near Bar Harbor, Acadia, and Mt. Desert Island.  

Ah, it makes me relax just looking at that view. 
{By the way, have you tried HomeAway or VRBO?  We have had great luck finding wonderful places to rent in Denmark, Italy, Vermont, and now Maine (they cover just about any destination). It's like having a cabin of your own without all the work.}
  • I'm heading to Denver on Wednesday for a child development research conference.  And I'll get to see my brother and a few other people. {Any child development topics anyone really wants to know about? Put in your requests now ;).}  While this is a school/work trip, I'm definitely looking forward to quiet reading time on the plane, seeing Matt, catching up with friends, and a hotel room to myself.  Kind of like living with the bears a la Grandma Brockbank.
  • Spring!  A few days this week have felt a little springish. Even today, with its torrents of rain, made me hopeful for greenness soon. Hints of weather ahead--I'll take it.  Plus I've almost made it through March, traditionally my worst, blah-est month. Trudge, trudge.
What are your lights at the end of the tunnel?