A Party City is Very Good

{Quick explanation of the inside-joke title to this post.  When G and I were dating, he came to my grandparents' mountain cabin to meet the extended family.  My grandpa built it decades ago and, as a confirmed europhile (especially Germany) one of the personal touches he created is a carved mantle with his favorite Luther quote: Ein feste burg ist unser Gott, or A Mighty Fortress is Our God.  When he heard that Greg speaks Danish, my grandpa asked if he could translate the phrase on the mantle.  Greg, sensing this was a litmus test for future inclusion in the family, took his time studying it, looked up and said,  "A Party City is Very Good?" It was very endearing.  Apparently Danish and German languages don't play well together.}

Anyhoo, I'm prepping to host a slumber party here tonight with all the young women (12-18) from our church youth group.  Good times, y'all.  

Chick flicks, check.  
Easter candy, check.
All other manner of junk food, check.  
Louie sent to the dog hotel, check.
Make kids vacuum, check.
Fresh flowers, check. (Here's my floral philosophy.)
We'll be making those fabulous tissue paper pom-poms (^)for an event next week. Check.
A little preventive nap this afternoon, check.
Pancake breakfast makings, check.
Bedroom two floors away from the "sleeping," check.

One baby step closer to achieving my goal of kool-aid mom. A party city is very good, I say.

* * *

And tomorrow we'll attend Miss Saigon at the high school.  Remember the drama when we found out they picked it for this year?  {Lauren decided not to audition since they weren't watering it down AT ALL for the high school production.}  Love the music, still not sure it's the best choice for a high school production.  I'll let you know...  

edited to say: picture courtesy of Martha Stewart