Closing another chapter

It's book parade season around here, baby!
Brace yourself for the cuteness

I mean, seriously?

Don't you think this boy wanted to actually
wear his underpants but his mom/dad
came up with this solution?

oh, cute Harry.

There's a special place in heaven for this 1st grade teacher.
Right next to middle school band directors.

May I introduce Percy Jackson
of the Lightning Thief series?

He made his shirt and beads.
His watch figures in somehow.
I can't remember why.

I love the school's annual book parade.
The book parade and I,
we had a good ride 
but after eight years
(with the three kids and 13 costumes, 
all I can remember is
Harry Potter
Tacky the Penguin
Nancy Drew
Laura Ingalls
Madeline &
it's my last one.
I'm going to miss it.

Growing up is hard.
For the mom, at least.