In the cabin that my grandfather built, there is a bedroom downstairs for the grandparents and then there is an open loft upstairs with...(counting)...seven beds, a mix of doubles and singles, that can sleep eleven or more.  Plus a crib or two.

On summer evenings, all the cousins would be put to bed upstairs at the same time and grandpa would tell a story about Billy Johnson the pioneer boy and Tokonebo his Indian friend.  He would tell it....very...slowly....with many...breaks...so we...would {ideally}...drift off...to....sleep.  Then (if you outlasted Grandpa's storytelling) you could eavesdrop on the grownups and their games for hours into the late evening.  As you can imagine, I gleaned a lot of knowledge from words drifting their way up to the loft: On life, loving, fighting, sex, living, religion, politics, other perspectives, and always humor.

Later, all the grownups would climb the big wooden staircase, find their beds,  (some of them) snore, and sleep.  All of us in one big cozy dorm-style room.

All of this is just to say: I'm a fan of that kind of situation, bunking together. At least in theory.  

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In our current house, we have a strange set-up.  There are two master bedrooms (don't know why...one has a big room + sitting room and the other has a big room + master bath) and two itty bitty bedrooms.  Currently, G and I use the master bedroom with the master bath, the girls each have a tiny bedroom, and Sam uses the "sitting room" for the other master bedroom while we use the room itself as a study/studio/craft/guest room.

I'm itching to shake things up and one option is to have the kids (or at least the girls) move into the other master bedroom, dorm-style.  They have had their own rooms for several years but part of me thinks/wishes that they would be closer if they were sharing a room for these last few years before they move away and do separate things.  But I realize I may be living in my own glowing la-la land where kids make their beds and talk late into the night about sisterly things.

Did you share a room growing up? What are your opinions on bunking together?  In favor? Against?