Things I have been doing to avoid writing a report I need to do:

sitting outside in the sun

brushing the dog
reading books
taking a nap
going for a walk
going to the gym
searching listings for houses in places I want to (but never will) live
cleaning out my purse
organizing my computer desktop
uploading photos
pulling a few weeds, half heartedly
watching West Side Story
thinking of why I don't want to write the report
making lists
considering paint colors for our house exterior
deciding what to have for lunch
taking myself out to Subway for lunch
watching YouTube clips from my Facebook friends
asking Facebook friends how to overcome writer's block
thinking of ways to postpone the report's due date
sorting through the fridge contents
taking kids to orthodontist
clearing out my texts
reading about dog training
googling random names from my past
laundry and folding 
watching TiVo'ed Lost and 30 Rock

I can be so productive when I'm avoiding something.
Report is due tomorrow
Dear adrenaline, you can kick in anytime.
help. I've fallen into procrastination and I can't get up!