My life's a little bit broken lately.

Just a little, though.  

Just enough that I haven't had anything much to post.  Enough so I shrug my shoulders, wonder what's the point? (laundry, cleaning, school, writing...) and go lower my expectations (often in the form of returning to bed).

You know when you have a cupboard that won't quite line up or a leak that's not major enough to call someone to get it fixed?  That's the low level of brokenness of my life.  The warranty on my sanity maybe just expired.
  • I lost two credit cards this week.
  • Broke my cell phone.
  • Reportedly ruined my daughter's love life (having to do with refusing a not-yet-16 invitation to Jr. Prom)
  • Made two back-to-back trips to Costco (40 minutes RT each--I forgot I had lost my credit cards)
  • Waited for 30minutes for a friend who didn't show (awkward!)
  • Had to give away our tickets for next Wednesday (to go to a fifth grade concert I forgot about on the same night, which I will love attending. But still.)
  • Found that my blog posting well was empty (which is just as well since...)
  • Have the blahs 
  • And the weepies
All I know is, if I were a snake, I would want to wriggle out of my skin and start over, clean and new.

But I have a feeling maybe a three day weekend will also do the trick.
(Clap if you believe in the magic of weekends!  I do believe in weekends, I do, I do!)

[post script: I wrote this earlier in the week but never posted. Already things are looking up. A nice long weekend with the family does do wonders. Sometimes my moods are like the weather in England: wait a minute and it will change. Hope yours is doing wonders for you too.]