I never...

Have you ever played that ice-breaker game?  

Where you say "I never....{whatever, but it needs to be true}" and you get points if you're the only one who never did that particular thing.

Come closer. 
Here's mine:

I never read the Harry Potters.

I did read the first one aloud to Maddy and Sam but after that they sped through them on their own. And I never got around to reading the rest of them myself.

I know, a travesty in some households! I kind of wanted to relish them on my own time.  And to be honest, sometimes I kind of resist doing something that everyone is doing. It's my little secret snobbish--and silly--protest. 

Well the time has come, my friends.  Summer reading time. I'm on Book Three (Sam is so happy for me, it's very sweet). Go Harry and Ron. 

p.s. what's with the much cooler covers on the British versions?