Wringing the magic from the weekend

1. at Providence's WaterFire, 2. L, contemplative at dusk 3. easy picnic on Monday
4. L @ park 5. we love the park 6.gondola @ WaterFire
7. white legs playing games 8. Miss M 9. more games
10. G on his first holiday off since January 11. protective geese parents 12. crazy Sam

We got two hours of gardening work out of each child (yay!)
went to WaterFire
had a picnic
played badminton
saw Night at the Museum (kids)/Angels and Demons (grownups)
took naps, went on walks
did a lot of lazing
had reallyreally good burgers from our grill
had patriotic, thankful thoughts
and planned and dreamed.
A good restorative weekend, all in all.