Adele and me

For our anniversary gifts to each other in February, G and I went through the schedules for events this year in Boston and chose a handful that we would enjoy together. (What a treat. I think we'll do it every's the gift that keeps on giving! Plus it makes me feel zesty to be out on the town with my guy.)

One of the ones we (read=me. I influenced this decision.) chose was Adele, Saturday May 2nd at the Orpheum. Because I love me some Adele. As the night drew closer we started realizing we had a problem. Both of our babysitter daughters had commitments that couldn't be changed and Sam's too young to stay home alone. But we had a plan B. 

Which fizzled. 

And a plan C--that on Saturday became impossible.  G kindly offered to send me with a friend (the Celtics game 7 that night might have had something to do with his generosity) and I tried a few but it was a beautiful spring Saturday in May!  Everyone already had plans & it was too last minute.  Even when we offered both tickets to anyone who could go that night, no one nibbled

I was so sad.

An hour before the concert started, I sat down to listen to the cd and have a little pity party. The boys were camped in front of the tv with the Celtics.

I listened to about 30 seconds and, after a Facebook conversation/pep talk with Jen, I decided to just go by myself (gasp!).

I've done movies by myself without blinking. Traveled solo a bit.  I'm generally kind of a happy-go-lucky-by-myself kind of person.  Solo concert-going felt kind of...lonelyish. 

But. Oh. My. 

It was so worth it. She is one of those artists who is incredible live--so talented, heartfelt, emotional. And young!--she turns 21 this week.

I had chills. And (I'll admit) some inspiration tears.

So I've been a bit obsessed since, humming & playing her music. And I found footage of the Orpheum concert so you can come with me virtually.  This is a sneak preview of a song on her next album:

And my favorite (already posted here; I'm redundant), a cover of the Bob Dylan song:

Also good:
Best for Last
Right as Rain

I was so glad I went.
But sorry not to share it with someone.

{Until now!}

Afterwards I waited a long time in line for the ladies' room.  When I came out of the theater there was Adele!  Getting into her bus!  What did I do?  Walk coolly away? No.  Take a picture? Nope.  No, I ran over, said hello and told her I loved it and asked for her autograph. She signed my (two) tickets. I'm sure when I walked away she thought what's with the loser soccer mom who came alone? And I was thinking what am I going to do with two scraps of paper with a sharpie scrawl on them?  What can I say? I was dazzled.