Reinflating my summer hopes

Summer and I, we have a tenuous relationship. I do love it, with all its sunny brightness and freedom. Around August, though, all of those summer possibilities start feeling dimmer and my optimism droops. I end up feeling a bit blue, walking around with all of those grand June plans dragging behind me like sad, forlorn deflated balloons.

So it's time to invite a bit more hope into the remaining month (or so) of summer that we have before school starts. I consider it my sandbucket (ha!) list to prop me up through to the end:

1. see a drive-in movie
2. write postcards from touristy spots
3. celebrate Lauren's sweet 16 & Sam's excellent 11
4. play
5. open each morning with a little devotional to kickstart my day
6. take lots more photos
7. wear my swimsuit without worrying (much) or being self conscious (much)
8. go rowing (kayak/canoe/inflatible raft/or huckleberry finn style)
9. pick wildflowers for an arrangement (thanks, ellen! good idea)
10. have lobster wearing a bib
11. find an open field and star gaze
12. eat fresh and local as much as possible
13. teach Lauren to drive (serenity now!)
14. put my fall schedule together with a peaceful heart and limited anxiety
15. get curtains for our front room/library/music room
16. go on lots of walks: morning, twilight
17. show my affection freely
18. make ice cream
19. read Emma out loud with Maddy
20. keep the t.v. off
21. bike rides in the evening
22. keep an open, forgiving, soft, curious heart
23. write some stories
24. grow my fingernails (always on my goal lists, ever since I was 10)
25. have a neighborhood get-together
26. make music
27. have dance contests in the kitchen
28. pick fruit and make pies
29. spend long delicious hours talking with my mom & sister & G & kids

And you?