happy jumble

Happy to take off my mind:

  • Did I register Lauren for driver's ed? Yes, I did.
  • the paper for the class last night. I finished it yesterday. Whew, that was a close one.
  • the presentation at the Harvard Faculty Club on Wednesday. Turns out, when I get exceptionally nervous I get really, really drowsy. In spite of my desire to find a quiet corner and nap, it went really well. And best of all? It's over!
  • Was my house clean enough for the houseguests last night? No. Not even close. But oh well.
Still whirring in my mind:
  • how to teach Lauren to be a good (safe, no accidents, please) driver?
  • hmm, why does the stake have a big youth dance on Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve?
  • are my kids too busy? and (unrelatedly) when will they learn to clean a bathroom really well?
  • and, especially, how to best love and support an awesome friend who has been massively betrayed? and help her see that she's incredible and strong and will be fine?
Happy to look forward to:
  • time with 2 longtime friends and 1 new one, staying with us for a long weekend*
  • touring around Boston in this lovely early fall weather
  • going to a concert by a little band that starts with U and ends with 2*
  • slowing down a bit more to enjoy September
  • maybe finally hanging a few pictures around the house? And curtains?
  • apples and pumpkins and mums and soup and pies...autumn is my favorite
Happy weekend to you

* I am justifying these fun things and my trip to NYC (and, I'll be honest, anything else that comes along--hear that, Christie?) by classifying them as my happy 40th birthday fall extravaganza.

photo via loveyourchaos