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Looking back
2009 was a year of growth:
teaching my first solo college course
going out of my comfort zone
learning how to better serve
learning how to better forgive
and ask forgiveness.
Giving myself pep talks and permission
writing monthly for Segullah
connecting and gathering
friends, family, thoughts, challenges.


But in many ways it was hard to distinguish it from the years before it.


When I think of the past decade
(looking at the forest rather than the trees)
it was, after the child bearing decade of the 90s,
a time for child raising, when we became a family.
We moved from "young parents" to (early!) middle aged ones.
And I figured out myself a bit.
We stayed put and let ourselves
send out roots and branches.
We wandered around the planet a bit.
Decided to embrace possibilities and 
be the captains of our ship.

. . . 

Looking forward
(hello, 2010!)
I'm excited and nervous about
what the new year and decade might bring.
Today I'm making lists of hopes and goals and plans
(and watching a Harry Potter movie marathon)
Happiest new year to you~
may it be filled with good things.
. . . 
Write it on your heart
that every day
is the best day of the year
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)
. . .
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