Meet Me on the Flipside


Yes, yesterday I waxed philosophical about planning and goals and (implied) productivity.

And then, today I took a nap.

A long, unproductive, unapologetic nap.

That is the flipside to all the planning and scheming and structure-imposing.

Sometimes your body just needs a nap.

Things (yes, including photobombing seals) pop up, interrupt, change plans.

I contradict myself in thought and action.

I resolve to embrace that.

. . .

Also, when did I get so serious? Remember a couple of years ago when my goal for the year was to have more parties ?  I think academia has sucked the fun out of me.  I'm seriously considering just going back to those 2008 goals--those were some resolutions a gal could get behind. I want my silly groove back.

Song:   All you need is love   |  Lynden David Hall