The anti-Samson

As my new hair stylist made the first few snips, he glanced up at me in the mirror and said, "Ah, your hair loves being short." I think it was his kind way of saying your hair is too fine and flat to be long. But I'll take it. 

But he's right. You know the story of Samson? The one who received great strength from the length of his hair and lost it in an instant with an overzealous Delilah haircut? Well, it turns out that I'm the anti-Samson. Every time I cut my hair short again, I remember: oh yeah, I'm a short hair person. Suddenly I just feel more like myself. More alive, more energetic. Lighter. It's not really about how I look (because, let's be honest, I'd love to have the looks of gorgeous thick long hair). It's about feeling freed from the weight of the hair, the prep time, expectations and getting on with being me. Is this what the 40s are about? I like it.

I had super short hair as a 2- and 3-year-old when we lived in Peru and have proceeded to go through the grow/cut cycle for the last 4 decades. Like so many of my lessons, I have to relearn this one over and over again. Full circle.

I reserve the right to learn it again, by the way.