Outback scout camp

In the last year a group of awesome dads have organized the city's first (US) Boy Scout troop. We were lucky to walk right into it at its final stages of formation and Sam & G very quickly became a part of the team, which is now almost 15 boys strong.  It's been fantastic--and it's not every day you get to have an ambassador as your advisor for the Citizenship in the World merit badge!

This week they've been away at the troop's scout camp. Last night Maddy and I drove out through the summer twilight, windows down and music up, to attend Family Lamplight night. (It's high bushfire season here so there's a ban on fires of any kind.) The boys performed skits and showed off their newly acquired skills. Consistent with any other scout event around the world, it was a night chock full of puns and tributes. G leaned over to me at one point and said "ah, good, they're all getting their dad humor training here."

I snapped a few phone photos of the evening, including this one, while a leader was telling a long tale about a boy and a ship. Look at those rapt boys leaning into the unraveling of the story. Warms my heart.

scout camp lamplight.jpg

Thank goodness there are scoutmasters in the world. I've said it before but here I go again: I am sure there is a special place in heaven for scoutmasters. Along with middle school music teachers.

p.s. Later when I looked back at the photo, I spotted a spooky set of eyes off in the distance. See them? Clearly the boys were not the only ones enraptured by the story! Wombat? Fox?