We are lucky renters and love our house here but our decorating options are limited. We're happy to work with the white walls, ivory carpet, beige tiles, and creme curtains. But when I saw that our lease said we had to get permission for each nail in the wall, I worried. I fretted. I wondered how we could ever ration our hangings to just a favorite few. Luckily, a quick check with the management company and the landlord and we secured permission to hang our things, as long as we mend the punctures when we leave.

If our picture hanging had been rationed, we might have blown the whole shebang on this gallery in our kitchen that we put together a few weeks ago, filled with homemade art and memories:


A closer look shows (clockwise from upper left corner):
1. red te amo heart woodcut by my sister Nancy
2+3+4. mini New Yorker covers bought at a kiosk on a trip to NYC 
5. wooden birth announcement (mine) made by my grandpa
6. Sam's kindergarten self portrait
7. photo collage of me + my parents by Nancy
8. Den Fynske Landby print from Denmark (where G served a mission)
9. wood carving by my dad
10. 4 linked hearts carved by my grandpa
11. (center left) black ink drawing by Sam
12. (center right) wood carving by Lauren

You guys, this wall.  It warms my heart. And makes me want to pick up a paintbrush or a carving chisel--not that I would necessarily know what to do with either one. In fact, if you see me with a carving chisel RUN AWAY. 

What are your favorite artifacts?

Whoops, you might notice that we're missing something from Maddy here. We'll remedy that soon!