Sunday scene 2.3

Sunday Feb 17 dish.jpg
Sunday feb 17 sam.jpg
sunday feb 17 tent.jpg
sunday feb 17 tree.jpg
sunday feb 17 shore moon.jpg
sunday feb 17 boats.jpg
sunday feb 17 no 2.jpg
sunday feb 17 house.jpg

Lately I've been taking a few minutes on Sundays to wander around with my camera. Most Sundays are pretty similar around here (church, food, naps, reading, last touches of homework), so it gives me a good chance to to see if I can take a different look at things. This time I walked a couple of blocks down to the lake at dusk.

I wish you could have heard the birds giving their last caws for the night accompanied by the thump of the bass from the party cruise sailing by and the clangclangclang of the ropes banging against the sailposts. Goodnight, Sunday.