Oh, that deluxe apartment in the sky...

We were in the car a few days ago, chatting about dreams and future plans while we drove somewhere.  M divulged that she's been thinking lately that she might like to go to law school someday. (We've been watching the West Wing on Netflix lately and I think Sam Seaborn and Ainsley Hayes have had an effect on her. And her dad, of course.)

"But I don't know if I want to be a lawyer lawyer. Maybe work on Capitol Hill. Or for the state department. Wouldn't it be great to be a diplomat?"

We all agreed; that would definitely be interesting and she would be good at it.

"The only thing is," she continued, "I'm nervous about doing negotiations in dangerous places. I'd want to do negotiations from [she starts to laugh] my penthouse in Europe or something."

Makes perfect sense to me! Someone has to live in European penthouses, right? Might as well be you, daughter. Dream big.

Seriously, I love 17. The future stretches out with miles of possibilities and choices.  What did you envision for your future when you were 17? I think mine included lots of travel and perhaps even a European penthouse or NY loft apartment myself. 

(posted with permission from Miss M)