Soggy Sydney

Maddy's dragon boat team got a spot to compete in the Chinese New Year regatta in Sydney's Darling Harbour today. The rest of us couldn't resist tagging along, especially since G was already in Sydney on Friday for work. It was soggy (just ask drenched Maddy) but great fun.  We only planned for a quick up-and-back trip but save us a seat, Sydney, we'll be back soon!

(By the way, the team's two boats did really well, finishing first and fifth in the final heat. Hats off to those tenacious girls who paddled through some serious torrents.)

SYD0213 sam bird.jpg
SYC0213 crowd.jpg
SYD0213 gull.jpg
SYD0213 finish.jpg
SYD0213 paddle.jpg
SYD0213 maddy crowd.jpg
SYD0213 Maddy.jpg
SYD0213 huddle.jpg
SYD0213 walk.jpg
SYD0213 greg fountain.jpg