Oscar Monday

Watching the Academy Awards smack in the middle of a typical Monday is kind of surreal. I'm not complaining--it's just different. No dress-up event, no happy chatter or running fashion commentary. Everyone else was at school or work so it was just me and laundry and the Academy. (Once in a while I pulled up twitter just to have the satisfaction of hearing opinions and banter about the goings on.)  On the bright side, I was wide awake all the way through to the end and got a lot of laundry done and folded.  

We had a little pre-Oscar fun last night, though. Sam created a 35-question Oscar quiz. We mostly failed miserably but were entertained by our ignorance, so there's that. (Don't tell George Clooney but Maddy thought he was the oldest Oscar winner ever.) We sent it around to my movie-loving extended family for wider participation and my mom sent back a clever punny response incorporating this year's Oscar movies into her message ("we Argo-nna do our best and try to feel Les-s Miserable about the results...").  Oh, I do love our brand of crazy.

If you and I were watching together, here are a few things I would have wanted to chat about (in no particular order):

- Kristen Stewart just can't be bothered, can she? Do you think she ever is happy to be anywhere? I almost feel compelled to apologize to her for something, she's so clearly and perpetually annoyed.

- Jennifer Lawrence, if you fall down walking up the stairs to accept your award and Hugh Jackman jumps up to help you, LET HIM. (Her dress was one of my favorites, although it must have contributed to the stumble, don't you think?)


- That awkward moment when you find out the orchestra for the Oscars is actually playing in another building down the street. REALLY? You couldn't let the musicians be in the same room with everyone else??? So bizarre. Also awkward: the Avenger guys misdelivering their schtick, likewise Melissa McCartney and Paul Rudd flopping in their banter. Ouch. 

- Loved the von Trapp family bit, with the searching spotlight and brass fanfare and soldier running in, a la this original scene.

-Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ben Affleck all gave sincere, classy acceptances, I thought.  I was really happy for them all. 

- Loved hearing Adele as always but I am really wowed by Scarlett Johansson's performance in one of the other song nominations, Before My Time from the movie Chasing Ice.  Who knew she could sing like that??  I've had it on repeat:

Now it's your turn to chat for our imaginary Oscar viewing party. So...what did you think?