Finnigan Begin Again

Doesn't it seem like these kids just had their first day of school? Yeah, they feel that way, too. Eight weeks of summer holiday flew by--especially when Christmas vacation was folded in there--but we checked several times and, sure enough, today really is the first day of the new school year. (Hey, summer, I want a refund. We only went to the beach once!)

Because Maddy is now in college (years 11-12 here) she has a different uniform this year and gets to wear her hair down. Still no makeup allowed, though she's learned the fine art of just-enough-but-barely-there cosmetic application. 


Though these picture don't show it well, Sam has caught up and overtaken Maddy in height over the summer. He started early morning seminary (along with Maddy) this week, which--hallelujah!--is at the respectable hour of 7 a.m. rather than the painful 6 we had in Boston.

There was some back-to-school anxiety and denial around here last night. Now I'm sitting here in the melancholy comfort of the quiet house, hoping they sort out the details: that Maddy remembers her lock combination and Sam finds his way around the confusing campus. That their 4th term friendships are still friendly and they find and forge their places.