Great pumpkins

I feel a bit of a pang looking at all the Halloween instagrams and pinterest posts. I'm afraid that Halloween this year will be kind of a dud, truth be told. It's just not as much of a thing here. Maddy's friends looked at her in amusement when she asked what they were going to be for Halloween. There's really not any trick-or-treating, our ward trunk-or-treat party just got canceled this year AND the embassy party falls on the one afternoon we're all booked. So, as far as Halloween festivities go, our pumpkin carving is IT this year, folks! This totally--or at least mostly?--justifies paying the exorbitant pumpkin prices (a whopping $13 each). Right? Our friend Thom and Maddy's friend Matt joined us for dinner and the Carving of the Gourds last night . Now I feel a little less bitter and a lot better about my Halloween famine.


Sam's ninja pumpkin & Maddy's/Matt's French-mustached guy. 

p.s. Next year I'll know better and just plan a party. I miss our Halloweening and I'm positive the kids miss dressing up.