One Tough Mudder

G's been looking forward to the Tough Mudder Sydney race for almost a year now. He and a friend invited a group of men to train together (a mix of Aussies and Americans from scouts, the embassy, and church who I like to call the "muddy buddies" but G calls "mud club") to compete in a race based on a British Special Forces course that includes 15 obstacles over a 20k mud run.

Get this--the obstacles include a swim through ice water, countless muddy wall climbs and dodging through electrified wires. Oy. There's no accounting for what some people call fun, no? Me? I like a quiet afternoon browsing a bookstore and seeing a matinee but I'm impressed with the gumption and commitment of these fine men:


Then this happened: when G was running through this electrical wire obstacle (above), he slipped and fell at the end. Later he said that one of the charged wires actually hit his temple, buckling his legs and crumpling him down flat and out of it for a split second. He didn't even have a chance to catch his fall--just BLAM.  As luck would have it the Tough Mudder website has memorialized it for us all:

So proud of him. Looking mighty fine, GW!