Drops of marvelous

Hi there, intrepid readers. (I'm imagining that if you are reading this it's because you've been hanging in there with me for a long time. I love you for that.) It's been a while since I really nestled in here on ye olde Basic Joy but recently I find myself longing for it more and more. I'm emerging from what I can only describe as a long winter's nap that extended for several seasons, a lengthy case of the dark brown doldrums that have had me feeling both adrift and dampened. I'll write more about that another time but suffice it to say that I'm beginning to see the world sparkle again and feel like I've had my inner windows cleaned and my voice re-tuned.

And, oh, I'm in love with blogging again. Still.  I spent last night wandering through many of my favorite spots in the blogging neighborhood, savoring and grinning at the posts of so many exquisite writers I have come to know and love through this medium. This isn't to say I haven't been blogging; I've been staying (relatively) regular in posting over on Nest & Launch with Sarah and I love it there. (Do come see us!) I just want to say I'm back in the game over here, too. And it feels good.

A couple of I'm-back party favors to send you off into your life today:

- First, you might already know that I am such a Maira Kalman fan. Her creative good humor and delight with the world consistently inspire me to abandon the judgy, perfectionist little gremlins that look over my shoulder and lounge in my head making snide comments at my creative attempts. Off with you, sneering gremlins. You're welcome round here no more. More Maira Kalman, please.

Pull up a chair and enjoy a little Maira. It's on the house.

How much do I wish I had been able to see her in that Mizrahi production of Peter & the Wolf last December at the Guggenheim in NYC?! So much. I die.

- This next one I found by clicking a post and falling down the Facebook rabbit hole. It's the mission farewell talk of (I think) the niece of someone G knew on his mission (Hi Kirsti!)  I was terrifically impressed with her thoughts; she's my kind of gal. The first thing I want to do when that happens is share it. I sent it along to Lauren on her mission but maybe you'll love it, too:

The Gospel of Abundance: Home, Church, and Global Siblinghood