S came home from school yesterday and the first thing he said was "I brought home a recipe for you!" Now it's not everyday that my third grader contributes culinary suggestions--especially not from school--so I was very interested what recipe he would produce. Chicken in a basket (the mysterious entry on this week's school lunch menu)? Tater Tots? Overcooked green beans? Nope. Brownies. This was the recipe:

That's right: "Delcious Brownies Ghirardelli Chocolate Triple Chocolate Brownies." So apparently (and I'm just imagining here) someone in his class brought brownies and S, who won't ask anyone at school where the lost and found is so he can find his missing winter coat, thought "I've got to get me some of that." So he asked "what kind of yummy brownie is that and can I teach my mom how to make them?" and then he took the box (how else would he get "Ghirardelli" right?) and painstakingly wrote out the "recipe" in his best cursive (serious business deserves serious penmanship). Then he folded the paper four times, put it in his front jeans pocket and carried it with him all day. I picture him patting it every once in a while, just to make sure the precious document was still in tact. All so I could make him some chocolate goodness. That's my boy.