A bit of Friday silliness

Here's a little back story before you start the clip:

1) I love the musical Les Miserables.  I first fell in love with the music in high school + had the mixed tape in my boombox (haha...remember those?) all through my senior year.  Then I went to London for study abroad during my sophomore year in college and queued up for cheap student tickets ($5? $10? can't remember) to Les Miz no less than six times.  Cried every time. {One time I sat in the rafters next to the lighting guy.  He got a little teary there at the end, too, which kind of vindicated my own trickling, ugly-cry tears.}
2) We are big fans of How I Met Your Mother.  Love Barney and his suiting-up, borderline sleezy ways (sometimes not so borderline but fully inappropriate).  Love Marshall's sweet big goofness. 
So I was SO happy when these two came together in an unlikely collision, a happy venn diagram overlap of sober operatic song and pure hilarity.  Maybe you'll like it a little too:

Now where do I sign up to be their new best friend?