A gentle assignment

January delivered a beautiful day today. Yesterday was rainy and chilly and gloomy; this morning is blue skies and mild temperatures, full of false spring teases.  So I did what many a New Englander does on rare days like these: I went on a walk. Glorious vitamin D therapy! Fresh air in my lungs!

On the way home I passed a mom on the bridge, one child in the jogging stroller and one dawdling behind her. The stroller baby was asleep and the dawdler was poking at sticks and peering over the bridge at the water and squatting to examine bits of something-or-other. The mom was relaxed and watching, crouching sometimes to examine right along her son.* 

As I trudged up the hill and left the trio behind, I regretted not crossing the street and telling her how awesome she is + how lucky that boy is to have someone who lets him set the pace now and then + how she's making the world a better place a little at a time, every single day.

Shoot. I think I'm going to regret that all day.

So my gentle assignment to myself (and you, should you choose to accept!) is to catch a mom who's doing a good job and tell her.  Write a note, pipe up in the grocery store, leave a wide smile and a compliment.  

We all can use a little feedback + cheer now and then, right?

{Let me know how it goes + I'll do the same.}  

. . .

*Ah, I miss having a three-year-old dawdler, although I'm not sure I appreciated as much as I should have at the time.  I should channel that child wonder pace in my life now and then. Stop and look. Marvel and wonder.