Inspired by Tara Whitney's philosophy and photography. I've followed her for a couple of years and love her "just be" approach to life. When I visited yesterday, it was just what I needed to hear.

Cheered by the Jolly Porter. Oh, he makes me laugh! I will never look at a personalized marquee the same again. Wanna go in on the $25 fee to post one?

Relieved by the Take Your Kids to Work day that Greg's new employer is holding tomorrow. They'll do experiments and have fun (it's a tech/science-y sort of place). I'll have a little day off in the middle of Spring Break week.

Embarrassed by the fact that last week, on the day my blog hits almost tripled because of a nice mention by Design Mom (and she has also been very supportive of the Letters to a Parent project...thanks Gabrielle!), the post here was the one about how my kids may not regularly change their underclothes. Very not designy mom. You know the old adage about always wearing clean underwear just in case you're in an accident and have to go to the emergency room? {I never really understood that, by the way.} Maybe the same just-in-case principle applies to blogs and stranger-worthy posts? Just thinking out loud here... On the other hand, I have to just be me, come what may. Right?

Reddened by the overdose of sunshine from yesterday's spring break foray with the kids to Six Flags New England. Not that I'm complaining about a little perfect day of sun and breeze and blossoms combined with some greasy food and whirly rides...

Excited by the idea of throwing an outdoor dinner party in our backyard. In a month or two.

I think I'll need some cool strings of lights and maybe some gorgeous fabric to do a homemade photo booth.

Frustrated by my own inaction on several home projects I want to get to. Really, I do! But the decisions involved (tile, paint colors, etc.) are holding me back. Get thee behind me, perfectionism! You are no friend of mine. (If you want to help, please tell me what are your favorite exterior paint color combinations for a farmhouse-style, village colonial type house?)