All that I know is I'm breathing

Wow. Well, this was not at all what I had expected for June. Someone pushed the fast-forward button and all of the sudden it's the end of June. Whizz, bang, end of June.  An unintended blog break.

Chalk it up to busy end-of-school doings (kids have now been out for all of 5 days), a deadline for a consultation gig, a bit of the blahs, and a fair dose of writer's block (that well was completely empty).  I'm hereby putting my toe back in the water and getting the show back on the road, blogwise.  I've missed this, I've missed you (thank you for your kind emails and messages), I've missed figuring out how I feel/think/see things through throwing my thoughts on the screen.

Thanks for waiting.

And waiting.

(Prepare for the posting onslaught now that the dam has burst.) 

Keep Breathing ~ Ingrid Michaelson