Another farewell every day


Isn't it amazing that virtual (just about) strangers voluntarily agree to get up at the crack of 0 dark thirty to teach other people's children about faith and scripture and life and eternity? Yes. Yes, it is. Almost as amazing as a group of teenagers voluntarily arising at the same hour and groggily making their way to church for a daily 6 a.m. class. On Sunday Lauren celebrated four years of this routine, graduating from our church's youth seminary program. Thank you to her teachers, past and present. You've made all the difference.

And here again, another farewell. Another landmark passed. Another lump in my throat. 

Actually, to be absolutely honest, I'm still in denial but this week--with all its "last this" and "last thats"--is working overtime to get me out of denial and into hysterical meltdown mode. I'm a little's not going to be pretty once it hits. This episode of Modern Family hits a little too close to home.