Beachy Keen

Lauren's one request when she arrived here for the holidays?

So we did. Canberra's a land-locked city but we're a fairly easy, well-worth-the-2-hours drive to the coast.

These views helped us feel less homesick for our traditional White Christmases of the past.
(And if you're reading this from frigid winter land, remember the tables will turn in a few months!
In the meantime, just treat this as an armchair vacation and I'll do the same in July.) 

We read, walked, body surfed, napped, and picnicked away the day*.

Is it just me or has Sam had a summer growth spurt lately?

Such a happy day. Absolute contentment.

Now Sam's at EFY in Sydney (Maddy's age group goes next week), Lauren's in India, Greg's at work, Maddy is with friends, and I'm holding down the fort and recovering from the post-holiday blahs (do you get those, too?). 

. . .


*You'll notice that we took sun protection very seriously that day. Earlier in the week we had all experienced the consequences of a somewhat more casual approach to sun protection: