Call me, Kate: two degrees from being besties

Lauren has been happily working full time this summer as a day camp counselor again here in town. (Sam has also joined her there as a Counselor in Training for several weeks, which has been terrific.) Partway through the season, a new family enrolled in camp, a daughter and a son who were living here for the summer with their very famous mum who happened to be shooting a movie in the area*. 

I want to respect people's privacy here so I will give you this hint: I love her and her name rhymes with Wate Kinslet. 

Yep, as it turned out, Lauren was the counselor for her 11-year-old daughter this summer! They got along swimmingly and the girl chatted freely and matter-of-factly about her life as tweens do (including some interesting topics you'll have to ask Lauren about). Lauren met and chatted with Kate at drop-off and reports that she was lovely and down-to-earth.  L even escaped any tongue-tied, oh-to-be-famous moments.

It's just as I suspected. Kate has always been at the top of my list** of potential best friend material should we ever be neighbors and should I ever suddenly become fabulous. I guess I'll settle for two degrees of separation and living in the same town. Bye, Kate. I hardly knew ye.

. . .

*I am telling you this now because their last day at camp was a couple of days ago.
** Also: Cat Deeley, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon. They seem like they'd all be awesome girlfriends. Call me, gals! Who are your imaginary bffs?
***this photo has nothing to do with anything except I love it. Summer evenings. Sunflare. Those three.