Climb + jump

When G and the girls arrived in Utah, Sam and I had already spent a blissful week+ with my parents, both at the wedding in California and in Logan at their home. I absolutely loved the time there with them, seeing movies, lunching out, sorting through treasures in the basement and garage.  Sigh. Everyone should go home again now and then for an unhurried span of time.

Once the five of us were reunited, it was off to a W family reunion with Greg's whole clan at Bear Lake.  We stayed together at a big cabin and spent our days at the beach, getting sunburned (wow! you are really close to the sun up there), water-skiing, eating raspberry shakes, going to a hilarious family dance, picnicking, going for walks.  And I'm happy to report that we did not repeat the urinal incident of 2008.

My favorite: one day when we decided to do something a little different and headed north to hike to Bloomington Lake. I've always wanted to do it and have heard so many stories about the glacier lake at the end, complete with rope swing for jumping into the (I'll say it again) glacier waters. It lived up to its hype.  I got swept up in the excitement and actually even jumped in myself. It was fa-reezing but worth it.



Stop and marvel at the snow in the background and at what a great sport I am!


Climb and jump might be good words to remember the next time I'm lingering at the edges, watching from the beach, and defaulting to bystander status.  That was fun.

. . .

Have a wonderful weekend!

Listen:  Pamplamoose ~ Another Day