Wow, that was such a quick trip. My apologies to all those we didn't see this time around (everyone). Lauren was running the show and she definitely had us running! 

I did get to see the Carl Bloch exhibit (thanks for the tip, Allysha), which was lovely. Actually, I had a TON of time to myself since Lauren had no lack of nice friends to show her around and, let's be honest, moms kind of get in the way of those kinds of things.  At least that's what I'm led to believe. 

And I also believe that Lauren is infinitely closer to making a decision. I think we both kind of felt the vibes at one particular place. She's still weighing options but it was definitely a well-taken trip because it changed a lot of her perceptions and feelings about the schools--not a blinking arrow but close enough.

At the end, she caught up with some of her friends from last summer's Tonga trip. As luck had it, it was the weekend of Holi, a Hindu festival of colors celebrating spring. What a blast she had! She also got to catch up with her cute friend Jared before he left on his mission for Mississippi.

. . .

Okay, speaking of colors, as I mentioned a little earlier today, I am in the throes of trying to select a paint color for our master bedroom and bathroom.  Here's my plea for a little audience participation today:

What's your favorite paint color that's a neutral but still a color?

Pretty please?