We have curtains! On our windows!

We moved here three and a half years ago, folks.  And it's taken me that long to weigh options, decide, doubt my decision, weigh again, postpone, repeat. As Fanny Price says in Mansfield Park, "I have no talent for certainty."  You're going to laugh, because after all those years of hemming and hawing, I went with a very basic white linen drape (and, by the way, it's actually a lot thicker than it looks here with the light glowing through).

We really wanted this little den-like space to feel like a cozy timeless library, like it could have been assembled by your librarian great-aunt in the 20s or 40s or in 2010 by, well, us. Eclectic. Maybe a little quirky.


Because of this--and I know this will not be everyone's favorite--we also chose antique brass hardware.  I love it for this room, though. (By the way, I've been seeing a lot of brass and gold in magazines so maybe the trend is turning back to gold and brass?)  

Linen drapes on sale, here

Rods and such, on sale here

No, I don't get any fees for mentioning this.
Just trying to be helpful and informative here
in case you are three years into a curtain decision and need someplace to turn.


I'm glad we got this vintage, scraped-up postcard spin-me-round at Brimfield last month:

(^You spin me right round, baby.)

But it's kind of awkward there on the trunk/table.
Any ideas?