11.11.11 at 11:11

I think I established my date/number geekinees a few years ago.  Suffice it to say my number geekiness and love of symmetry is having a field day today (and it looks like I'm not the only one). Thank goodness I have some good sports here who are willing to humor me.  I think they're just counting their lucky stars that I don't get out my blue paint and paintbrush.

In honor of this most auspicious (and random) of days, I give you a list of 11 (auspicious, random, terrific) things I've starred in my reader lately because I loved them. Maybe you will, too:

1.   Conversation starters for married people's date night (The Chattering Crow)
2.   A murmuration of starlings (amazing video via Design Mom)
3.   Dad turns seventy (great, easy idea for honoring someone's milestone birthday via Inchmark)
4.   What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while (Happiness Project)
5.   Do you worry too much? (A Cup of Jo)
6.   Babies in the air (Flickr blog)
7.   We have a strategic plan (Swissmiss)
8.   Creating a stuffed animal from your child's drawing (Stephmodo)
9.   Maple Bars (Our Best Bites)
10. Every Little Speck (About a Girl)
11. Motherhood Bipolar Disorder (My Angle of Repose)


Miss Maddy is turning 16 on Sunday so we'll be celebrating her wonderful Maddyness this weekend.

I hope you have a lovely, random, + auspicious weekend