~It's my turn at Segullah today so feel free to click on over if you're so inclined.

~I've also been collecting some lovely images that have made me happy lately (like this one) over at gather

~I didn't make it on the advent calendar bandwagon this year but I'm planning a fun 12 Days of Christmas using Tara's Bossy Elf idea, starting Monday.  Genius idea, right up my kids' alley. Her bossy elf is named Bernard. What should ours be named? Clevis? Or maybe Clarence, the bossy Angel who finally got his wings?

~I watched Little Women over the sick weekend. Although it's not an outright Christmas movie, it definitely gave me a Christmas oomph. You should watch it (just channeling the bossy elf, is all).

~Today was the last class of the semester for the course I helped teach. Good news! I went all semester without a parking ticket (and--shhh--without buying a parking pass, either). I feel oddly entitled to spend the savings.